Suzanne Offutt

Suzanne Offutt has worked as a Biofield Tuning

practitioner since 2016 and as a Reiki Master since

2008. She has studied with Eileen McKusick, founder

of Biofield Tuning, and with William Rand, founder of

the International Center for Reiki Training. After

working as a career educator in the public schools, she

found her way to complementary energy work as an

antidote to the stress and anxiety of the modern world.

She has delighted in sharing this work through her

private practice in Shepherdstown, WV.

Dr. Offutt has a background in Speech-Language

Pathology, Deaf Education, and Educational

Leadership leading to a variety of career workplace

settings. Beginning in rehabilitation medicine following

graduate school, she worked with individuals with

neurological disorders, autism, and other

communication impairments including facilitating the

psycholinguistic development of people with hearing

loss. From working in communication disorders in the

public schools, she moved into school leadership

finishing her workplace employment as a Principal in

the local elementary school.

From this position, she encountered first hand the

dramatic impacts on children and adults who have

experienced a variety of adverse events in their lives.

Based on those experiences she completed her

doctoral dissertation on the development of resiliency in

children and adults with a special interest in techniques

and tools that may be of the greatest benefit to

improving their physical, social, and emotional health.

This pathway lead to the world of complementary and

alternative energy work including meditation, sound

therapy, and healing touch modalities.

As a lifelong learner, Dr. Offutt is deeply grateful to

all of the people who find their way to her to share in

the profound impacts of energy therapies. She eagerly

shares her therapeutic practices and other modalities

that can help those who seek a better status. She looks

forward to continuing this path of opening to new

possibilities for greater health and well-being for all for

whom she serves.